Monday, 10 November 2008

Life of Jesus...with me daily!

Ok so I saw something similar to this in a Christian bookshop, liked the idea of it, but thought I could do a better job myself.

This is the finished result, and I love it!

Each bead represents stages in the life of Jesus. I love the fact that it actually means something to me, and it has already been a real encouragement!

Click on the pic above to enlarge and read the meanings
Actually thought i was ordering single charms from eBay, but when they arrived there were 10 of i had no excuse not to make a couple more for the gorgeous poog and gill!
Changed some of the colours a little bit just to personalise them!

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LittleMissPoog said...

I adore my bracelet - you really are a queen of craft! Can't wait to get it on the old wrist. i love you. Now get more photos of all your fabulous handwork out there!!