Thursday, 31 May 2012

Klaus clothespeg

So having had a little boy, i wanted to even the gender balance on the little clothes-peg people i'd been making....they're basically all girls except for the groom.  Enter my favourite style icon....the nutcracker!!

Lol...i think i love him.  I made the arms from cut up piece of a wooden kebab skewer and he even has a little blonde suede beard....seriously...i think i love him.

freemotion monogramming

i really thought i'd blogged these, but it seems i haven't yet.... i did some monogramming on a set of towels i dyed for us to take away in the camper.  This will mean that when im drying my face with my nice orange towel, i know im not going to get a mouthful of aftershave (from superD's green towel) or of baby slobber (from Roccino's yellow towel) and Grandma and Granda can avoid all of the above with the addition of perfume from mine!!

Car-tivity mat

So it seems that the bambino doesn't like to travel in the car, cos his chair faces backwards and he's just left staring at the blank back of the seat...seems like it's too boring.  SO i decided to make him a little activity mat that he could look at while we're traveling. 
The holes at the top are for the pins of the headrest and they're off-centre so that the seat belts don't get tangled.  I made the tree with lots of buttons so that i can put on little birds or pieces of fruit or whatever, so that it will always be different and won't get boring for him.  I did flowers for the first batch...although i'm thinking they're a little girly...seems i can't help myself!! The tree has SuperD's and my initials engraved in a's hard to see in these pics..
And here it is in situ.  The bottom of the mat just reaches the foot of where his little car seat is mounted.  The first time, the reaction was fabulous...he started to cry as i lifted him in and then....silence...his little eyes just staring at it....RESULT!!! Now i wonder how long this will last??

Leave your macho at the door!

Poog wanted some pretty cushions for her bed and had this great Paris motif fabric and matching rose print. 
We made piping from some (very narrow!) satin bias binding which really was a bit of a headache because it was so fragile and slippy!!
She also choose some ultra-girly buttons for the closure...i wonder what her husband thinks of it all??!!  See?....little pink lips and crystal those are some uber-girly cushions!!! lol it seems that Jo is man-enough to manage!!

Dye another day

I really enjoy the cold water dyes that i scored of freecycle a while back...they are very simple to use and no real fuss.  The colour permanency is also great!!  This time i made my own colour for the burgundy stuff because i was a little worried about it turning out pink-ish...for a boy it would be a little weird.  I also experiemented a little more with putting elastic bands round bits of the muslin while dying, so giving the cool white diamond shapes.  
Let me tell you...those muslins have come in seriously handy....they've been washed 5,000,000,000 times already and the colours are still strong!

Labour craft 2

So i mentioned before that i was in hospital for a full week...well i obviously needed to send out a call to poog to bring me something more to craft...all she had was another little felt doll kit that i'd given to her in her christmas stocking!!!  
As before, i was soooo glad i had something to keep my hands busy and the two little dolls turned out to be my little mascots in the birthing suite!  Bonus! lol!

Labour craft 1

So unfortunately due to complications before the birth of my bambino, i had to stay in hospital for a week...yeah, i know!  Talk about boring!! It was also really unexpected so i had no time to arrange a craft to keep me occupied.  Luckily i had packed in my labour bag a little felt doll kit, just in case i had a long labour. 
I was really glad of it...especially because there really was nothing else to do, and everyone else in the ward was so bored to death that they kept coming over to see how i was getting on...i would've had a full craft class going if i'd brought more kits!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Make an impression!

So the latest thing i made (customised) for the baby room is this clay impression kit frame thing that poog bought me.  The baby's little hand and foot were just the right size to fit in it....cute!!  I'll pop a picture in it when i get round to getting them printed.  Some dodgy free-hand painting completed the camping customisation so that it matches the rest of the room. 

earthy-friendly start

So this is something i forgot to post at the time....this year Earth Hour was 31 March 2012, 20:30–21:30 and i wanted something appropriate for the baby to wear, you know, something earthy and cheery.  Well i carved up some lino stamps and then made a little onsie for our earth-friendly bambino.  
He is already doing his bit for the environment by wearing washable nappies (in assorted colours and patterns...i LOVE by the way!) and he will be indoctrinated in the joys of growing his own veg as soon as he can walk in wellies and handle a trowel!!

washable is the way forward!

This particular craft is so addictive!! Yep...that's another set.  I'm just making more so they can match the items of clothing that i'm wearing them with, if you get my drift.  That kind of thing makes me smile.