Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gnome couture

when i saw the "paint-your-own-gnome" kits on the shelf it took quite a bit of pleading with SuperD before he finally caved in and let me buy seems that he "hates those creepy things"...i mean, come ON...who hates gnomes?? they're so happy!! what a freak!!Check out her beautiful kitchy outfit! (Yes i recognise that i said "her" and it does have some impressive quantity of facial hair...but i think LoTR films already explained that, did they not?)...i mean from behind....this is definitely female!!
Check out the golden highlights in that flowing blonde beard...she is a gnome bombshell!!!
What a silhouette...she is one hot gnome...i'm gonna have to keep an eye on tacky plastic gnome-friends please...and hold out for one with his own pond to fish're worth it!! lol

Saturday, 27 February 2010

ring-a-ling here comes spring

salt dough is quite easy to model with so you'd think i would have made a better job of these bells!! I'm gonna say that they changed shape in the oven during cooking...and that they were perfectly bell-shaped when they went in (...ahem!)my mum did a better job with her cow-bell-style version....and she even let me paint it! Isn't she lovely?! Bit of an alpine feeling to it, which fits with her german roots and her love of the culture...
...yodelay-hee-hooo!!!! that one's for you mamma!!! hahaha!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Yay more glass painting! mum gave me a gigantic box of the glass jars so i have a lot of work to do!

These are 3 of a about 8 spotty ones i made and then gave away. They might be my favourite pattern so far....but there are many more to try!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

cake for a carpenter

We had a birthday in houseofspoon...guess whose??!!

This is not strictly a craft but it was fun to make and that is my criteria for posting on here!!!

Al mio falegname - To my carpenter

Saturday, 20 February 2010

character cushions

ok, i might need help....i am addicted to making little characters of! These are little they don't have a purpose, other than i had a hook with nothing hanging on it. (Yes minimalists, steer clear of my house!)I just drew them on fabric with a sharpie in a moment of distraction....then decided to make them up into little cushions. Like the vintage buttons? They're from a stash that my german Grandma had....beautiful!
The little SuperD cushion had to be wearing a hoody!
And a shot from the rear....
...And hanging in their new home. sister seemed to be a fan and i've been commissioned to do a set of her & her jo.

Friday, 19 February 2010

starry starry night lights

After making the valentine candles...i got bitten by the glass painting bug! It's so easy! Although less easy to keep the block colours even....when you're using a paint tends to streak.These low jars fit one of the large ikea tealights but it's actually nicer to put a smaller one in as the light then shines out of the sides and the colour can be seen better.
I did some plainer ones too.
I'm seeing all of these gathered in the middle of my picnic table at the first BBQ of the year....come on good weather!!!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

valentine's card craft

i went for something simple this year for the valentine's card (mainly because i left myself 5 mins in which to make one!)...just like!!!

my wooden heart!

Something else that arrived on valentine's day is my pressie from D.

Heart-shaped...check!...winged angels?...check!....kissing?...check! valentine-tastic!!
Seriously! check out the work that went into the "frilly" hearts....
These were all added in wonder my kitchen resembled the sahara after a hurricane!!
Thanks D, i love it!!!!!!

romantic re-using!

o man, what a cheater...imagine backdating posts!! Well i was kindof busy on valentine's day and, as you can imagine, wasn't really making time for blog posting!!

Now, when on holiday one thing i look forward to is buying those little desserts in the supermarket, like creme brulee (i faint with delight) and creme caramel etc. They're gorgeous.....and the irish versions never taste the same. But the thing get them in glass jars which are such a horrible waste to throw we don't!

I found some glass paint, from an ancient craft adventure, that was still good (yay!) and rustled up some fun valentine's candle holders for our valentine dinner table.

These were incredibly easy and if you make a mistake, it picks off with no problem. I made loads and gave them out as presents but I'm thinking it would be really sweet to personalise them for extra "mush"-value!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

snuggly squirrel mittens!

Cold days!!!! New gloves, new gloves, NEW GLOVES!! These are cosy-tastic!!!Find the pattern on ravelry. Warning: the needle/wool combo is so fine that it might drive you mad, but'll be delighted (and warm-handed) if you finish them!!