Monday, 30 April 2012

new baby pirate

Apologies for the awful pictures...i really am getting worse, but i just haven't got the time this morning to set the scene properly!!  I also could've ironed the quilt before snapping but...i haven't the time at this moment!!

So my best friend has just had a little bambino too, and she's decided that he's going to be a pirate when he grows up.  His room has been decorated with scenes of treason on the high seas.  Well i had agreed to make a quilt to match...but i had to make it in a huge hurry as he arrived 12 days early!! Eeek!  And being the leave-it-to-the-last-minute person that i am....well i hadn't started and he'd arrived!!  So, i made the quickest quilt ever, holding my baby in one arm...hence some dodgy stitching in places!! 
I didn't have time to do free-motion quilting over the whole i did some little wave crests here and there to keep the layers together.  However, it does make the top layer a little bit puckered looking, so i probably wouldn't recommend doing it like that again...better to start in good time and quilt the whole lot uniformly!!!
 And on reflection the compass should definitely be smaller. 
In saying that however, i do love the little ships!!!

stamp quickies

So for a craft quickie in these busy days i decided to make some more little rubber stamps, just for fun. 
I made some little baby themed ones for using on Rocco's thankyou notes....and then little love letter and camera ones...i love this craft!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cushioned camera case

So with the arrival of bambino, we got a little mini video camera to capture all the fun.  Weirdly enough it didn't come with a case and we couldn't buy one the right shape either.  I didn't want a big bulky thing...just something to cushion the camera and protect it when i throw it in my handbag. 
I put a little strap on the side to hold when squeezing the camera in and out...because it is quite a tight fit. 
I just used a velcro closure so that you don't have to apply pressure to close poppers and there's no hard button to apply localised pressure either!
Done and now my camera is handbag-proof!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

mel's nelly

So to match little Mel's chair sewed a quick wee elephant that is baby-friendly.  
Be nice to him - he's got attitude..see??
All ready to gift!

caro's mini chair

So my cousin Caro has also had a bouncing bambina on the same day as me!! So i thought i'd make her a little matching baby chair for her nursery.  
I just used the same shape of foam for the little cushion.  
And then i just added her name to the corner.
The back just has an overlap so i didn't need to take the time to make a closure....craft time is pretty restricted at the minute!!

ollie the octupus

So my best friend Marino is having a little baby too and she's going for a pirate and sea theme for the nursery.  I've promised to make her a quilt but in the meantime before she's chosen the motif that she wants I made her a little octupus teddy which matches the furniture she's bought for the room.  

The pattern is a free one from Lion Brand Yarn and is super-quick and great fun to make.

more mini magnets

So it's hard getting time to do any major craft projects at the i chose a quick and easy one to keep me going...more little magnets for me to stick up baby photos with!  Made in the same way as before.  Although circular ones are really a lot easier to make neatly!
I also added one to the family magnets to reflect Rocco's there are so many craft projects that i need to add him to to properly reflect our family!! lol!

babybib - mini ninja

So this'll be the last of the bib posts i think...i'm finishing up with a mini ninja motif because the baby really does pull these weird ninja moves all the time!  
And the fact that he's always trying to escape, especially when he's being held....he'll just sit quiet and lull you into a false sense of security and then does a big jump trying to break free.  Luckily i've always been able to catch him!!  I love the little throwing star that the ninja is holding...too cute!!
He's certainly keeping me on my toes!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

awaited arrival

So to mark the arrival of my bouncing bambino last month i made a little addition to the crochet family faccini.

Benvenuto Rocchino!!!

babybib - happy hippo

Ok, so another embroidered bib, this time with a little more machine sewing as i'm getting a little more confident with it!As ever, my machine is a little temperamental so there were a few dodgy sections but i'm happy with it in the main.