Friday, 30 March 2012

camping cushion - babyroom16

So just to make the feeding chair a little more comfortable...i quilted a little cushion to go there. I'm hoping that i won't need to sew anymore campers as this is getting tiring, sewing the same stuff all the time!!
I backed the cushion in the same fabric as the curtains and added a button closure for easy access. Easy!

babybib - romantic narwhal

So i found this gorgeous motif of a narwhal and thought it would work really well on a bib.
I used a tiedyed blue fabric for the applique as i think it adds a bit of depth to the little creature. what next?

Monday, 19 March 2012

camping seat pads - babyroom14

So when in ikea recently i was looking for a comfortable chair for the baby's room for feeding etc. In the end i decided just to get a simple wicker chair with a good straight back....partly because it was a really good price and partly because they had little baby versions of the wicker chair to match.

The only thing it lacked was a cushioned seat i made one up to match in with the camping theme of course!
The insert is just cut from a sheet of foam i had in the loft. It's not too high as i'm supposed to be keeping very strict posture during feeding.
The little camper just ties it in with the rest of the decor in the room.
Then i did the same with the little chair.
It'll be while yet before he'll be able to sit in this chair unaided but at the minute it looks cute!
The little camper is much smaller on this one to keep the scale the same.

babybib - tweeting bird

So another bib design from urban threads i think. I loved the simplicity of this one, and the fact that there wasn't much machine zigzag needed!!Yep, it was a nice easy one. I love the little mini bird and the little splash of colour that he is.

baby sleeping sac

So i've seen a lot of baby sleeping bags around and they tend to be quite expensive too. I thought i'd make my own version to match in with the decor of the cot etc. It's pretty cold in my house so i made it with a layer of quilt wadding and lined it in micro-fibre fleece. I've since found out that medical staff do not recommend these as the baby can overheat while wearing it. However, that really is not going to happen in my house....i keep a cooooold house!!
The sac fastens at the shoulders with poppers for easy fitting, and has a long zip down one side for easy access in the event of any emergency nappy-changes.
It's not very masculine for my little boy...but i reckon that by the time he's aware of that, he'll be too big to fit in no problem!!

babybib - cow over the moon

So i wanted to make a little nursery rhyme themed bib and the cow jumping over the moon seemed as good as any. It also let me match the yellow bib. My machine stitching is a bit dodgy on this actually was a really difficult shape to follow!! Oh well, chalk it up to experience!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

baby bathrobes

i love those little hooded bath towels that you get for babies so i had planned to make a couple when i found these plain ones on offer. So just to fit them in with the rest of the baby stuff i added a bit of colour and put a padded name motif on the little hood part.
It's like the baby version of those personalised bath-robes. lol!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

babybib - french toast

So poog has a little french baby who is to be the best little cousin of my little italian baby. So, not to leave him out of the action, i decided to make him a little bib fit for a frenchie. This motif is also from urban threads website. Again i just cut out the applique pieces and free-motioned over the edges to secure. I love it, i think it's hilarious!

big garden change mat

So i had some of the PVC table cover stuff left over from making my travel change mat and i decided to make a big change mat for the baby's room.
I padded it up as before except that this time I stuffed two channels at the edges to stop little rascally babies from rolling away while im doing the changes!
And I just bound the edges with bias binding as before.

babybib - bird on a wire

I'm trying to improve the free motion stitching so did one of the plain bibs with a stitched outline with no applique pieces on it.
I just traced the design i wanted onto tracing paper and then sewed through it before tearing away all the paper pieces.