Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New nativity!!

I've wanted for a very long time to make an advent calendar for the run up to Christmas, but was always reluctant to start because i could never decide on what type to make!
This year I finally bit the bullet and went for the nativity and pockets design!
Each day has a pocket with a sweet and a character inside.
Look at them all poking out! lol!  
 So each day you have to add another character to populate the nativity scene.  I made the little charcters from felt and put poppers on the labelled spaces in the stable...because it wouldn't be mine if i couldn't be in complete control! lol!
I layered on the numbers and freehand embroidered the numbers, before cutting away the red fabric to make the shapes. 
And of course I made Mary and Joseph match! Lol!

blouse for the babysitter

So my fabulous mamma is now baby-sitter in chief down at grandma's nursery and is working so heard that she's wearing out her favourite outfits!  She gave me one such pathetic article which had actually got holes in it, but she was still wearing it, it was so comfortable!  So, like a phoenix from the flames I chopped it up and used the pattern to make a brand new one of the same size and shape.  I even used the interfacing from the old blouse in the new one, just to pass on a little of the soul of the shirt she loved so much!! Lol!!
Happy Christmas Mamma!

mmmm..mince pies!

So these posts are waaaay late...my apologies.  I can'y get blogger to work properly for me since they "modernised" everything...it's a nightmare to upload anything, and then the pics disappear...and it's about then that I give up and go and play with Rocco instead.

But i've decided in view of the fact that I'm now running around after the bambino that I'm going to downsize to 5 posts per month with the new year.  I'll still be crafting away. but I'll be doing other stuff too, so 5 crafts per month seems more doable, still keeping it fun.  It doesn't help that a large proportion of the stuff I make never makes it onto the blog because i am hopeless at remembering to take photos of it!!!

So yeah...it was christmas, and christmas means mince pies!  Millions of them!  This year meant 6 batches!!!  Eeeek! When you see the amount of butter that goes into make the all-butter-pastry it makes me cringe to think how many i've eaten!!
I always use different shapes on the top, to let me know which batch they are from when i put them in the freezer.  But of course i only took photos of one batch!!  I never learn.
So yeah, Happy Christmas and I hope you had a great one!