Tuesday, 28 December 2010

12yr old designs-his-own!

So i have a 12 yr old nephew who loves punky clothes and rock music. He put both of these interests together recently and designed a jacket that he asked me to make. Here is the pattern that his sister (who loves drawing manga and comics) drew out for me to follow...
The only executive change i made to the design was to veto the skull on the centre chest....his parents aren't keen on having their kids dressed too goth-y. But the initials are there and so are the studded flames!!
The studs on the shoulders and wrists, and the metallica patches on each arm i just made myself using the image found on google and just piecing and sewing the letters on.
Not content with only one rock band name-checked...he also wanted gunsNroses on the back. The easiest way to get this was to buy a tshirt and cannibalise it....so i did!
Interestingly, he wanted metallica written as mirror image on the right arm...original right??
I can't wait to see how he likes the final version of his design!!


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Molly Katherine said...

Wow, want an amazing auntie you are for making that for him - he's going to be the raddest kid in town in that! :)