Wednesday, 18 January 2012

camping mobile - babyroom10

So i wanted a cot mobile to match the whole camping theme and they are so expensive! I wanted to get just the stand and the musical box bit but it was even more expensive to buy them on their own, if you can believe it?! So i bought a cheap second-hand mobile off ebay for 99p. The plastic was all dis-coloured with age and the hanging bit was tired looking.
I threw out the hanging bit and got my lovely daddy to prime and spray paint the stand and the musical box with left-over pearlescent motorbike paint, which turned out to be the perfect shade of red to match in with the theme!! Brilliant!! You don't need to worry about the baby-safeness of the paint because as soon as the baby is able to move independently you are supposed to remove the mobile anyway - so he should never really come in contact with it.
So then i just sewed a reinforced circle and hung it from rainbow ribbons caught in a wee red felt heart at the top loop. It was pretty difficult to get them all about the same tension so that the mobile would hang straight....i sortof managed it.
I had sewed little pieces of the rainbow ribbon hanging from the reinforced circle, with little camping charms sewn on white felt, each mirroring the appliques on the cot quilt and bumpers etc.
It's really becoming a bit of a camping explosion in this room....i might have to stop accessorising sometime soon!!!

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