Monday, 19 March 2012

baby sleeping sac

So i've seen a lot of baby sleeping bags around and they tend to be quite expensive too. I thought i'd make my own version to match in with the decor of the cot etc. It's pretty cold in my house so i made it with a layer of quilt wadding and lined it in micro-fibre fleece. I've since found out that medical staff do not recommend these as the baby can overheat while wearing it. However, that really is not going to happen in my house....i keep a cooooold house!!
The sac fastens at the shoulders with poppers for easy fitting, and has a long zip down one side for easy access in the event of any emergency nappy-changes.
It's not very masculine for my little boy...but i reckon that by the time he's aware of that, he'll be too big to fit in no problem!!

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