Tuesday, 3 February 2009

pimp your pinboard

You know what are boring? Big white ugly plastic magnets like I got free with my magnetic pinboard....YUCK!!

And why would you keep them around when making your own magnet covers is sooooo easy? You are correct, there is no reason. Because i didn't want to shell out and buy a button-making kit, which automates much of this process....i had to do it this way.....

Things you need:
* a stiff cardboard circle, the size of the final magnet cover (if you can't get very stiff cardboard just use a couple of layers of thinner stuff)
* a material circle, diameter just less than twice that of the cardboard circle (try to use a dense fibred material that will not fray easily at the edges, it's a lot easier!)
* a little piece of quilt batting or generic stuffing
* a piece of felt in a complimentary colour (the same size as the cardboard circle
*large mug of tea (you may not need this, but i did!)

First thing to do is to embroider (or draw) something fun onto the material circle. I used my machine for the letters and he is obviously in a huff with me at the minute and is therefore unable to sew in a straight line...groan. Run medium sized, evenly spaced stitches by hand around the outside edge as shown.

Place the circle mushroom-side-down and place the stuffing in the centre. Place the cardboard circle on the top and then pull the thread tight around the stuffing and cardboard as shown below . Secure the thread by sewing in a couple of the pleats and tie off.

Then place the felt circle over the messy gathering bit and sew around the outside edge to secure. Flip over and stick to a magnet. DONE!

These ones are a bit reserved and boring and i'll post a picture of some more magnets when i get around to finishing them off and put them to work holding up pictures of sunny days and roadtrips on my kitchen pinboard!

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lyds said...

I followed all the intructions to the letter, when suddenly there was the one thing I just don't have - imagination! You'll just have to make me one instead. Ha Ha! love MUM xox.