Thursday, 31 May 2012

Car-tivity mat

So it seems that the bambino doesn't like to travel in the car, cos his chair faces backwards and he's just left staring at the blank back of the seat...seems like it's too boring.  SO i decided to make him a little activity mat that he could look at while we're traveling. 
The holes at the top are for the pins of the headrest and they're off-centre so that the seat belts don't get tangled.  I made the tree with lots of buttons so that i can put on little birds or pieces of fruit or whatever, so that it will always be different and won't get boring for him.  I did flowers for the first batch...although i'm thinking they're a little girly...seems i can't help myself!! The tree has SuperD's and my initials engraved in a's hard to see in these pics..
And here it is in situ.  The bottom of the mat just reaches the foot of where his little car seat is mounted.  The first time, the reaction was fabulous...he started to cry as i lifted him in and then....silence...his little eyes just staring at it....RESULT!!! Now i wonder how long this will last??