Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nikolai Nutcracker

So i had always wanted to make a nutcracker (i love them in case you hadn't noticed) out of fabric and thought that it should be really easy to use the paper piecing method for hand sewing.  So i made a paper version first and then cut it up to make a pattern.  
Isn't he hilarious?  He looks a bit sad though..or maybe nervous!  It's the down-turned eyes i think.  (i actually have only just noticed that i haven't given him a nose!! ooops!!) His hat is also a little askew at the top.  I have since put a plastic disk cut of acetate sheet in there to make it nice and flat.  
Attaching the hair and beard were my least favourite thing...they needed to be trimmed so there was fluff EVERYWHERE!!
I did some freemotion embroidery on the jacket and boots just to add detail.  
I also make the belt tight so it would give him a waist...but everytime i let go....he breathes out, sticks out his belly and it goes back to this!!! 
I'm not 100% happy with him...i think he'd be cuter if he was shorter and fatter...but he's good for a first go.  If you fancy making one too you can find the pattern here.