Monday, 26 January 2009


So here's a pic of gil's baby....

Isn't he a beautiful little mini laptop?...huh?....what's that?'re saying he looks pretty vulnerable and cold and is in dire need of a fun sleeping bag? You know...that's exactly what we thought!!!

I quilted a little pouch in army print fabric with little kitchy rainbow rosebuds on the inside - to reflect the unique personality that is gil... and sewed her quote-of-choice (See Pearl Jam lyrics) on the flap and my quote-of-choice (See Elvis film The Trouble with Girls) on the inside. You'll notice that the flowers are as yet just pinned on...i wasn't sure what type she'd want on the front (we went for the little pink and white crocheted ones with big yellow centres)

I used a big thick piece of black elastic (you can see the ends poking out round the little lid flap)which is stretched and snapped round the back to close and keep the little sleeping bag nice and cosy (i'm refusing to call this a laptop "case"...waaaaay too mainstream)

I put a little window for her perrrsonal deeeetails, just in case she loses it and they don't recognise her from the picture on the front ...hey it could happen...!?! And the little yellow stars and keychain are for holding usb disks and pencils or whatever. (Please ignore the fact that the inner panel is a little off the sewing machine got hungry halfway through seaming it and started munching the fabric, pulling it a bit lop-sided!!!)

Here in northern ireland it is our dubious privilege to be able to claim dual nationality, Irish and British. But as lil' gill is a strong defender of all things green and shamrocky.....i had to add something irishy just for her.

Enter little irish dancer embroidery (see patterns of more nationalities)

Long live little-laptop-love!!!

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Gil said...

what can I say - beyond having my baby's photo on the internet and internationally adored (as of course it will be) I am even more delighted to have the snuggliest sleeping bag known to electronics anywhere!! Thank you thank you - I will spread your fame Woon :)