Tuesday, 6 January 2009

new year napkins

ok this is perhaps a bit of a lame-easy craft but i have to say...i love how cheesy it is!!

I was having a new year's eve dinner party at my house and had all of 20mins to get decorating....no time for any fabulous crafting adventures so settled for...yes you guessed it...personalisation (which i *love*) of the napkins.

The theme was red and cream, so i quickly cut out 2 large dangling decorations reading 2-0-0-9 (dangling vertically of course) from red shiny wrapping paper and hung them from the chandelier (spelling?) and i (when i say "i" here, read: "Dario"....because i was too busy screaming about how i had run out of pritt-stick and could only make 2 dangly decorations when i had cut out giant numbers enough for 4) sprinkled some red tinsel fronds, around the table and hoked out cream napkins.

Next step was to choose a motif and i went for simple rosebud in red, with everyone's name stamped just below it...this is poog's one....obviously
I will never use boring napkins again....personalising RULES!!!!

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