Saturday, 19 June 2010

packed with pertinent promises

I have been been thinking a lot lately of a way in which i can keep a record of the many answered prayers that have been blessing my life. Somewhere that i can record the problems that I am praying about, and then to record the answer and the subsequent resolution of the issue.
As a christian God leads me in decision making and in showing me what i should (and shouldn't!) do in every situation. It's really encouraging to glance back over the many times when the situation was impossible, and He told me that it would be resolved, and showed me what the end would be, and asked me to believe it...only for the impossible to occur and his words be proved right!!! Every time a miracle, and every time a surprise!!
I choose little business cards and punched them for hanging on a hinged ring so i can add extra pages when it fills up...which no doubt it will!!! I cut the corner off the "problem" pages, so i can find them easily from the other "verse and promise" pages. I covered a stack of the cards with material for the back and front covers and lined them in pale pink. Now next time my faith in God's deliverance from a sticky situation is waning, i'll have some home-truths to read from my own experiences!!!!


Christy said...

That's a very inspiring and pretty craft project!

eleonora said...

so cute!!!