Friday, 25 June 2010

youthful fantasy fulfilled

The dream of my young life was to see pearl jam live...but i would've settled for just Eddie Vedder if pushed! Anyway...not many of my heroes make it all the way to the emerald isle so i guess i thought it wasn't gonna happen. When then i heard that Pearl Jam (&Eddie) were coming to Belfast for the first time was meant to be. Thanks to my fabulous family (john & ann) we were kitted out with tickets and all that was left was the outfit!! The ripped jeans were an obvious choice but how to make the t-shirt a bit more "me"...
Apologies...i really could have ironed it for the photo!! lil'pill had a plain hem-line on her version, so i decided just to bunch mine a little round the hips to make it different. I made a line of pleats and secured them with a ribbon on the inside.
...and yes it was fabulous, thanks for asking! What a great view we was suuuuuch a good concert!!!! Fantasy FULFILLED!!!

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