Thursday, 30 September 2010

hi helga!!

Well i had a little bit of the tirolean trim left over and i couldn't resist dressing up one of the little wooden dolly-pegs i found in a newsagent shop a couple of weeks ago...i saw them and just squealed with delight at the possibilities!!

This is Helga the little german girl (named in honour of my fabulous german Grandma)
I painted the peg and made a simple little gathered skirt with the ribbon. Then plaited up some little blond coils of embroidery thread for her head and she was really to rock and yodel!

"YOooooOOOOOoooodellaaaEEEEEEHOOOOOOOO!" (see...i told you!)

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lyds said...

Ha Haaaa Haaaaaaa Hoo Hooooo Hooooo! THUD! Oops I've just laughed my head off but no worries I've just put it back on again to hear that beautiful Yodelling. Aaahh My favourite! Thanks Helga! xox