Sunday, 31 October 2010

secret weapon

so...behold the secret weapon!! This is a petticoat made from the fantastic tutorial by Sugardale ...who has a brilliant blog, by-the-way.
I wasn't sure what fabric to use because the american girls use "crinoline fabric" but when i asked at my local fabric shop...they kindof looked at me strangely and shook their heads (although, that in itself is not unusual...they always look at me that's a great fabric shop but for some reason the old women who work there seem to compete with each other to be the rudest possible when serving me, if i had anywhere else to go to buy fabric...i'd be there!) the end i went for simple lining fabric because it was on sale as there was a black mark down one side of the roll....i bought the fabric and promptly cut that bit off. Bargain!
The little hook closures mean that it can be worn at 3 different lengths to suit different over dresses.
Anyway, I was really glad i did use this fabric because it is so smooth on the skin and makes a lovely rustle-y noise when i walk! Plus it's a fabulous colour and i think i need to make a shortish black dress with yellow trim that i can wear with it....and as i walk a little whisper of banana coloured petticoat can be seen!! SWEET!!

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lyds said...

Showing your petticoat!!!! - Shocking!!! xox