Sunday, 31 October 2010

squeal!!! it's a squash!

well last year my little pumpkin was super-friendly...this year i felt we needed to go a bit more scary! Unfortunately this one was not grown by pumpkins didn't last until Hallowe'en this year!!
As ever, it was super-easy to carve and i used the pumpkin flesh from inside to make a batch of pumpkin brownies which were really delicious!!! Check out the recipe, i highly recommend!
Doesn't he look scary?? I think i do too, in this picture!! Have a good night and watch out for killer pumpkins!!!


Mi Pequeño Atelier said...

What a scary pict...!!! ja,ja,ja.
You look well, enjoy the party.

eleonora said...

I'm afraid June!!AAHH!!!