Tuesday, 27 December 2011

rapunzel's hexen haus

So again this year we were making the hexen haus. They have to be different every year and so this time we decided on rapunzel's tower. I apologise for the photos, it really wasn't an environment conducive to good photos, so we just tried to highlight the details so you can make them out!!
Lil'pill was responsible for the tree in full bloom.
poog was responsible for decorating the back gable wall around the stained glass starry windows (melted glacier fruits).
I was responsible for breaking the gingerbread every couple of minutes and having minor melt-downs every time i decided that i decided it didn't look very neat this year. Thanks to lil'pill for talking me down off the ledge a couple of times!! Can you see rapunzel's marzipan plait hanging from the balcony?? That was also responsible for a number of my break-downs...it kept snapping and falling down...seriously i was totally losing it!!
And then we put up a little fence, not likely to keep many valiant princes away, but maybe when they see the face of the evil witch standing at the side they'll keep their distance....or perhaps they'll just notice the crazy sagging of the precarious balcony on which rapunzel is balancing and decide that the tower isn't structurally sound enough to enter!!
That's either a very old building and is the balcony wall is settling into the ground, or rapunzel has been doing too much snacking during her long wait to be rescued...You can see the light through the star stained glass window in this one below.
Well it mightn't look so neat as usual but it disappeared in double-quick time regardless!!
Yay Christmas!

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