Monday, 1 December 2008

A Hex on your "Haus"

Ok i know it's not quite christmas yet, but they're putting up the twinkle lights in the trees in Belfast City Centre and the Continental Food & Craft Market is here (sigh of delight)...and i'm definitely starting to feel it!!
So in view of all that, i've started thinking about the Hexen Haus for this year. It's quite a tradition in our house, (started by my delicious German grandmother) and we always try and make it a little different every year, so obviously it gets harder and harder!

Some photos of previous years......Woodcutter's Cottage was 2004 (i think)

Gingerbread Village was 2005

Church with spire was 2006

Sorry about the dodgy pictures, we weren't expecting to post these pictures...just to keep a record, you know... so we don't repeat ourselves in years to come!!

This church had the biggest stain glass window that we'd ever attempted and i was paranoid throughout the whole decoration process that I saw cracks!!

My favourite part is the icecream cone spire and I loved the little marzipan people with the cute little beards, especially the little wise men....gorgeous...and quite literally DELICIOUS!!!!!

Cathedral was 2007 (Modelled on il Duomo, Milano.....very loosely!!)

And a close up of the stained glass window....(melted crushed boiled sweets!!)

Now what on earth will it be for 2008 ????.....emmm........A CASTLE!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Epic Post!! Got to say my favourite bit was when you likened 2007 Haus to il Duomo! Hahahaha - brilliant, that's imagination for ya :P

Really though, that's a brilliant amount of stuff - you inspire us all with Crafty Christmas Creations!