Saturday, 11 February 2012

camping gym - babyroom13

So i thought i'd upgrade the playmat into a full scale baby gym. Sorry about the weird pictures, the light is bad these days so im forced to go outside to the dull patio. The poles are pipe insulation bought from B&Q hardware with a fine wooden dowel pushed up inside to give them some springy stiffness. I didn't have any brown fabric so i made the sleeves from normal white and orange stripey cotton and then dyed them brown. They're secured at the four corners with little buttons so i can pack it flat if need be. The palm leaves are wired to keep their shape and have a handle on the top to allow me to lift and move the gym easily. And then i just tied on the plushie campers i made earlier (1, 2, 3, 4) to give him something to look at.
This is a poor attempt at a baby-eye view of the underside. I think i might hang a little mirror with bells in the centre just to add a bit more interest to the centre point.