Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lista della Spesa

So i hate going food-shopping, probably because i'm not a fan of cooking and it bores me to death buying ingredients. But i am a fan of eating, so it's pretty fortunate for me that i have a live-in italian chef...although it does mean that we are forever shopping for ingredients, and since the chef has to do a full kitchen-cupboard-audit every time before we leave for wastes quite a bit of time. Enter.. a shopping list!SuperD rustled this one up and painted on the names of common ingredients. All the basic stuff is marked on, each with a little wooden peg to flip when we run out of something.
The aged look was achieved by dragging a lighter over the surface of the painted wood to soot-y it up a bit.
The blue paint is chalk-board paint so we can add details that aren't listed, or to specify exactly what type of stuff needs to be bought.
Then all we need to do before leaving for the shops is to take a phone-photo of the board and use it to work from while we're wandering round the supermarket! Easy peasy!!