Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New nativity!!

I've wanted for a very long time to make an advent calendar for the run up to Christmas, but was always reluctant to start because i could never decide on what type to make!
This year I finally bit the bullet and went for the nativity and pockets design!
Each day has a pocket with a sweet and a character inside.
Look at them all poking out! lol!  
 So each day you have to add another character to populate the nativity scene.  I made the little charcters from felt and put poppers on the labelled spaces in the stable...because it wouldn't be mine if i couldn't be in complete control! lol!
I layered on the numbers and freehand embroidered the numbers, before cutting away the red fabric to make the shapes. 
And of course I made Mary and Joseph match! Lol!