Tuesday, 25 December 2012

mmmm..mince pies!

So these posts are waaaay late...my apologies.  I can'y get blogger to work properly for me since they "modernised" everything...it's a nightmare to upload anything, and then the pics disappear...and it's about then that I give up and go and play with Rocco instead.

But i've decided in view of the fact that I'm now running around after the bambino that I'm going to downsize to 5 posts per month with the new year.  I'll still be crafting away. but I'll be doing other stuff too, so 5 crafts per month seems more doable, still keeping it fun.  It doesn't help that a large proportion of the stuff I make never makes it onto the blog because i am hopeless at remembering to take photos of it!!!

So yeah...it was christmas, and christmas means mince pies!  Millions of them!  This year meant 6 batches!!!  Eeeek! When you see the amount of butter that goes into make the all-butter-pastry it makes me cringe to think how many i've eaten!!
I always use different shapes on the top, to let me know which batch they are from when i put them in the freezer.  But of course i only took photos of one batch!!  I never learn.
So yeah, Happy Christmas and I hope you had a great one!

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