Saturday, 31 July 2010

kasia the kidney warmer

I see recently that i'm involved in a little dressmaking revival stage so that all the posts seem to revolve around clothing! That could get boring so i'll have to look out a couple of other projects to break it up a bit or i'll end up getting bored of the clothes and will give it up like i did the first time! I've mentioned Burdastyle before, and it was there that i got the free pattern for the kasia skirt. I look rather pained in this photo...yes i think i have mentioned that i hate being photographed.
Kasia is high-waisted so shirts stay neatly tucked in (which would be a novelty for me im afraid). And just the right height to ward off a chill on the
The skirt zips up the front and then you button the front panel over the top. Super-easy and anyone could manage it im sure!
The yoke is gathered and pleated at the sides and at the back (so that is not the fabric being stretched to breaking point, it is the pleating!!)
And best of all it's got pockets!! I love it!! This will be the first of many i am sure!!

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lyds said...

Thought you made it too tight at first, I must be honest, but I love the pattern. Forget the pleats next time and make it a bit wider for more room. Really smashing though! Mxox