Saturday, 31 July 2010

to infinity and beyond!

So i finally decided to give in and make one of the infinity dresses because i was thinking that it would be handy on holiday, you know packing one dress but having the option of loads of different styles...I went for a two colour one, especially because it is really expensive to buy that much of the stretch fabric in one piece!...because the skirt is all one giant circle, but if you buy a smaller circle and then add a long strip of another colour round the hem, it saves you a bit of money!
It is called the infinity dress because there are supposed to an infinite number of different ways to wear it. The dress is really just made up of a circle skirt with 2 long pieces of material to make the top. The long bits are sewn onto the waist band (slightly overlapping) in 1 single seam...thus making it the easiest dress in the world to make!! There are many places on the internet that show you the different ways to wear it, so i'll settle for this way, which is the one that suits me best!
There are lots of tutorials online (like this one) so have a go, it couldn't be easier!!

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lyds said...

That's a really lovely pattern, I like it a lot! I even went to the link and it's fantastic how the pattern can be manipulated. If you're aver doing bridesmaid dresses - it's a winner!Mxox