Wednesday, 7 July 2010

patriotic presine!

Ok so the title is cheating a bit to use two languages to get an alliteration...but it's permitted in the rules of this blog...believe me, i just checked.

SuperD has been complaining recently about burning his hands on hot pots and steaming casseroles...i keep telling him to use my oven gloves, but it seems that big pink gauntlet gloves are not compatible with male italian kitchen experience. He wanted "presine" (3 syllab) which he was used to having in italy. He even went so far as to push a stained, badly sewn, beige one in my face on a recent trip to italy saying "see this is what i want!" Beige, and badly sewn!!! The flesh rebels!!!!
So i decided to make them patriotic...just to remind him where he is now living!!! The back however was free rein for me!!...could you tell??


eleonora said...

SO CUTE!!!!the english is for you,the italian is for D!!!!that true??

lyds said...

Maybe he prefers the beige & badly sewn ones, these are just toooo good to dirty!! Mxox