Saturday, 31 October 2009

pumpkin pal

All summer in the garden of houseof spoon a little plant has been growing inch by inch... it was the smallest of 7 seedlings that i planted and there was no room in the vegetable border for him so i stuck him in a spare pot and set him on the patio...well, when all the other plants succumbed to some weird disease and wilted...he went on. He managed to grow one little fruit which i've been looking forward to, sooo much!!! Meet my little pumpkin pal!!!

He's pretty small as far as pumpkins usually go, but very friendlyHe was given the honour of being the centrepiece at my mamma's hallowe'en table!

I was sooo proud!!!It's just possible that i over-did it on taking photos of him.....but there really is nothing like growing and carving your own!!
Happy Hallowe'en!!!


Gil said...

Plumpy is so cute! And he looks so proud to be big enough for his candle by Halloween! Really nice job on the carving too - he looks so happy and cute!! xx

eleonora said...

WOW!!!I'm very afraid!!!!!BBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

lyds said...

No need for any fear, eleonora, Plumkin was really friendly and couldn't help smiling the whole time he was on the table.