Sunday, 28 November 2010

Autumn leaf kimono

So this is another Burdastyle free pattern creation...this time the Naomi kimono jacket. I don't know why i really wanted to make this so's not something i would usually wear, but i really wanted to do it!
I love the cool pockets which extend all the way useful!
And while it supposed to be a bit billow-y, the side straps allow you to pull it in a bit so you don't look massive!
It was a bit of a jigsaw to put it together...there are a million little pieces and it's hard to see what is going on until the end...then you're kindof like..."o it goes that way - I get it!" Don't know if i'd make it again..i prefer stretchy clothes, but i don't think that would sit right in a it uses almost 3 metres of fabric....another reason why i chose a cheap ikea curtain material!!!...can you tell??

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Little Green Doll said...

Beautiful kimono! I love the fabric!