Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Giant Christmas Card

So i was asked to make the Christmas Card for our church...yep just one card for the whole church...which means it needs to be BIG!! I had to make it on A1 card!!!

I thought layering paper would be the best look, rather than to try and paint directly onto the card. The design was copied from a card i saw online that i thought would suit layering. I just drew all the pieces free-hand and layered lots of different colours and types of paper. The star and the sand are super-glittery, unfortunately the light in the photo isn't great for showing them up.
Inside i put a verse from Luke 2, but left lots of space for people to sign their names! It means that all the church members don't need to buy each other christmas cards!
It's hard to know what size it is so i've stuck my foot (complete with snow-boot!) inside this photo to give you a bit of perspective!!
cool huh?


lyds said...

I am overwhelmed as usual at your creative ideas. Wow, that is a super card. Very well cut out and the colours used are so suitable. Love the bendy palms!! Mxox

Rosy said...

I'm glad to meet you too, I'll give you a ride in your blog to enjoy your creations and enlazaré to my blog to return. Merry Christmas and I'm sure your parishioners appreciate the Christmas card, It's beautiful! I too am a Christian.

LittleMissPoog said...

Junio - loving it! Excellent job. I really like the gold and black colours (good for you not going for traditional red and green) I think this really evokes the right sort of 'Bethlehem' atmosphere! Perfecto!

Little Green Doll said...

It's very nice! You've done a great work! :)