Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Give thanks for eco-bags

I had to take a craft class themed for "Thanksgiving". I think the reason most people don't do craft is because they think it's about making useless stuff that you then have to find a place to store...so when choosing what to make for this group (who are not very into crafting!) i had to go with something useful!!
I decided on reuseable eco bags...you know the ones that you can bring to the shops and use instead of plastic bags. I wanted the girls to design freezer-paper stencils for their bags and then sponge some nice autumny colours onto them.
I made a massive pile of blank bags from some curtain lining fabric that i bought, and printed out some example motifs and text that they might want to use.
I was so pleased with the brilliant results...theirs were much better than mine!!.

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lyds said...

A fun night was had by all and everyone was delighted with their results and of course the take home bag! M xox