Wednesday, 30 March 2011

baby garden cardy

So i knitted another of the Baby Sophisticate cardigans - they're so quick and easy! I decided this time to make a girlier version in case "tot", poog's future bambino turns out to be a bambina if you get what i'm saying. And while i'm against blue being reserved for boy babies and pink being reserved for girls ( on a little boy baby, maybe is a bit weird...) it seems that the practice is so widespread that you'll have to constantly be correcting people-

-"o what a lovely little boy, he'll be so handsome - he's going to look just like your husband "
-..."umm actually, i hope SHE doesn't!"

I made the cardy with short sleeves this time as i thought it might be cute to see little fat baby-arms sticking out, and it would look so cute with a wee green and yellow stripey onsie!
ps sorry about the dodgy colour balance, the sun just came out with a vengeance as i started taking pics...typical!

1 comment:

lyds said...

Really cute, It looks like daisies on the lawn!! Now you just have to fill it!!! Mxox