Sunday, 13 March 2011

carpet of flowers

so i'm a little late in posting fact i wasn't going to post it at all but this month i am knee deep in muslins and fittings for bridesmaid dresses for an upcoming wedding, which obviously i can't post as one of this month's crafts - you can't give away the secrets of someone's wedding!!! So in order to make my (self-imposed) quota of 10 monthly crafts i decided to share my rug solution!

I wanted a rug for my kitchen floor - i hate the cold tiles when i've no slippers on! But i couldn't believe how difficult it was to get one the right size and shape!...and that's not to mention the difficulty of getting my colour scheme (red and green) and the sky-high PRICE of some of them!! yikes! So finally i improvised with a trip to ikea! These little mini-rugs are only like £6-£7 i think, so i bought 7 of them and made a rug of a perfect size!
A couple of stitches at each of the joins and voila! I have since carpeted my entire downstairs with these little rugs in different colours!! I've a chain of dark purple ones up the hallway and a scattering of different sized orange and brown ones in my lounge! Fun (+cheapidy-cheap-cheap!!!)
Makes my happy!

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