Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blue skies coming

So in the March 2011 issue of Burdastyle magazine there are a pair of simple shorts that i thought i'd have a go at. Tried them first in this lovely bright blue medium-weight cotton. Sorry i should have ironed them before taking these photos!!!
They're a little on the snug side - i'll probably make the next pair a little bit more roomy!!
A problem with the tightness of these shorts with the slit pockets is that they tend to gape open like little wings - most annoying!
So i put little button holes in the outer pocket and buttons on the inside, so they can be held neatly in place. The little buttons also helped to tie in the big white waistband button which i used - i didn't have any other suitable colour! Two lines of white stitching round the hem of the legs, were done with a twin needle so that they are perfectly parallel.
And that's it - super-simple and all i need is the weather to wear them. And maybe a few jogging sessions to tone up my legs a little....and a bucket of bronzer and i'm ready for summer!! lol!


eleonora said...

very nice!!!I like a lot that color so.... cute!? goooooood work!

Rosy said...

Oh my God! How beautiful! A winner for this summer is already coming, the color is gorgeous. Well!

lyds said...

Perfectimudo! Wish I could fit into that snug little number! M xox