Saturday, 18 June 2011

can't touch this!!

so i had this african material that i brought back from Zambia when i went there about 9 years ago. In a Burda magazine from 2010 (i think) there is an African style photoshoot and one of the patterns was a pair of loose cropped trousers done in African linen-type fabric. Because i didn't have enough fabric to make anything big I was thinking - "these would be perfect!!!

However...i didn't realise the crotch would be quite so...."MC hammer".
It's maybe more obvious in this second picture...see the crotch-ballooning that is going on???!! Hmm..yeah i'm not too sure about these. No doubt they will be cool and airy but hot is it going to get in ireland this year (answer: not even nearly hot...more like "rather mild")
I was considering that maybe noone would notice, when poog called round, took one look at me and said - "hammer-time!! de-de-de-de...dede..dede...can't touch this!"


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sloan said...

I don't even think we're going to get 'rather mild'.... maybe more 'nearly mild?'