Sunday, 5 June 2011

freecycle find!

So the first i heard of the website freecycle was when my brother-in-law emailed me to say:

(him) -"hey there's someone on the internet giving away a big box of hand-dyed cotton and silk pieces, woven silk yarn and a tin of vintage buttons for free to a good want me to get it for you?"

(me)-"umm..(shaking my head in disbelief)...are you serious??? GET ME THAT BOX!!!"

Yep it was for real, on the website people give away stuff for free, you just have to go pick it up! I swung by the girl's house on the way home from work and picked up a treasure trove of hand dyed amazingness....apparently she was a professional fabric artist that was doing some spring cleaning. Some of the prices were still on the pieces...and they were expensive!! Wow, i couldn't believe that i'd just got the whole lot for nothing! Crazy!

So anyway - at the bottom of the box i found a skein of silk yarn, made from recycled indian saris. I made a simple cowl that i know i'll get a lot of wear out of! (81 stitches on 15mm needles, knit1, pearl1, then knit all the pearls and pearl all the knits. UK - moss stitch and US - seed stitch) In these pics it looks a little like something i picked up on the beach - i think it maybe does look a lot better in real life! lol!
All the little fluffy ends are so smooth and silky...i love it!

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sloan said...

This came out absolutely amazing!!!