Thursday, 30 June 2011

metal markers

So the cardboard markers i made before for my windowsill chillis aren't going to cut it in the greenhouse. The atmosphere is too humid and the glue would melt in the heat. So i was stuck for a while for an easy way to label all the greenhouse plants. But then i though of something...
I was emptying one of my store cupbaords in work when i came across a pile of floppy disks. We don't even have floppy drives in the office anymore so i was piling them into the bin when i caught sight of the little metal guard piece and thought i could recycle them. We have a metal punch set that i bought SuperD last christmas and the disk guards were the perfect thickness of metal to punch in.
The edges were a bit sharp and rather than be bothered to file them all down i just stuck them onto blue acetate pieces and glued them to kebab sticks. These are all my varieties of chilli pepper...i'm growing 7 types this year!Yay - confusion is banished from the greenhouse - "Now get growing!!"

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