Saturday, 9 July 2011

Barbie's Dreamhouse

So poog got 2 chickens a while ago and bought them the cutest little dream-hutch to live in. She decided to call one Hen-rietta and one BBQ (a big of dark humour there i think) and then it occurred to her how well the names worked together "Hen(rietta) & Barbie(Q).

It didn't really take much imagination then to decide what to call the hutch - it had to be the Dreamhouse, in memory of the many (many) days we spend playing Barbies (& Sindys) with our very own dreamhouse - it had an art deco elevator and everything!!!! *sigh*
SuperD made them a sign for their little hutch's front door. While watching him cut out the little pieces of metal from a tin can i was very confused!! I think the final result is adorable!! And i know the chickens loved it too.

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