Monday, 18 July 2011

Not quite venus

So i decided to make one of those duct tape bust things - to see if i could drape patterns on it. Didn't quite work out as planned. I forgot to wear supportive underwear up top and therefore Linkwhen superD was winding the tape - my chest was kindof squashed flat as a pancake - not a great start! I also am not overly happy with the bunchy abdomen area - do i really look like that?? But, it gets worse...
check her out from the side!!...what is that bunch on the lower back??? Do i have a roll of fat there or something?? (frantically grasping and poking behind me...) This was the worse idea in my crafting history - i think this little slice of self-realisation is going straight into the attic so i don't have to see her flat chest and back fat anymore!!!

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