Sunday, 31 July 2011


So superD had promised me a super-useful birthday pressie and finally got the time to make it for me, just a couple of months late! He made me a thread tidy for all the piles of spools of thread that litter my sewing room!! Never again will i be delayed hunting through all my sewing boxes looking for that particular colour...
It has classic superD touches in the swirly design! lol!
And all the edges are scalloped on the little shelf.
The shelf at the bottom is the perfect size for me to line up my bias binding and ribbon rolls.
And here's a particularly blurry picture of it in action! Sorry there wasn't much natural light happening this morning.
I started by themeing the colours, but i gave up after a while - i'm never going to keep them in order - who am i kidding???
ooooh it looks so great i absolutely love it!!! Thanks D!! Ti amo un casino!!

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Aria Minx said...

my goodness this is incredible! I gotta get me one of these. So cute too!