Wednesday, 28 September 2011

faux fireplace

I'm back - a little on the late side i know...explanations to follow later!

So i used to have this horrible big glass and silver tv stand in the corner of my sun room. Well it wasn't that horrible but it certainly wasn't my style and didn't match the room decor. It was also huge and took up loads of space blocking the view outside. So basically, it had to go. I put it on the freecycle website and someone came by and adopted it for their new modern apartment (where no doubt it felt much more comfortable and at home). But what to put in its place?? I needed somewhere to put my tv and speakers...superD to the rescue!!

He made me a beautiful rustic (faux) fireplace over my radiator - i can see the little christmas stockings hanging from it already!!!! lol!! We looked at wood in a local DIY superstore and for warped micro-thin planking it was going to be about £200+ and even then it wouldn't be solid wood - just boxed pieces. But then my dad suggested we have a look for solid wood railway sleepers in a builders yard and they turned out so cheap that we bought 3 huge ones - they even gave us more discount! Yay bargains!!
SuperD, ever a slave to the detail, put a little edging strip round the mantel so that it wasn't so plain and rustic looking. O and the mantel piece? - garden decking. Solid wood on the cheap.
I absolutely love it and it's opened up that corner of the room so much more. However, i haven't quite got used to it being here yet...i thought i'd finish the post with the view of the fireplace that i got just seconds before i stood up from getting something out of my handbag that was sitting nearby and cracked my head HARD on the corner of the mantel - OUCH!!
I don't think the boxed planking option would've hurt so much - so i guess there's something to be said for it!! lol!

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