Friday, 30 September 2011

twinkle twinkle little star

So yeah, the reason that i decided to take a month off from blogging is because superD and i are expecting a bambino/bambina ourselves. And i've been far too tired to be bothered pushing myself to do enough crafts - i've been taking lots of naps instead, and i'm still exhausted all the time. This baby so far is seriously sapping my craft mojo - hopefully not a sign of things to come!!

Anyway i thought i could just about manage something simple to craft while sitting watching italian films after my dinner each night, so i decided on a little baby hat...and even that took me about 3 weeks to finish!! nightmare!!
It was a little dull without the added gold star - one thing this baby will be is accessorised!!! The hat was a simple increasing circle, done in rows rather than in the round, and then i folded up the last 3 rows of double crochet just to make a nice fat brim. I'm working on a quilt now but going by how long this hat took it could be a while yet... so maybe next month!

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Little Green Doll said...

Congratulations!!! Great news!! I hope you are feeling well :) It's a beautiful hat :)