Thursday, 29 September 2011

yikes it's the 80s

I came across this t-shirt the other day and just had to laugh. I made it for superD to wear to an 80s night here in my local town, and had never posted it because it was so rare looking - but hey, i'm looking to get back to doing a little bit of freezer paper stenciling so i thought i really should post it to remind myself. You see this blog is really like a little craft diary for me and when i glance back over it, it always reminds me of things that i still want to do.

Pretty obvious steps - draw out stencil on freezer paper and cut out with a craft knife. Iron onto the t-shirt and stipple on the paint (in this case - white, neon pink and neon green)
Rip off stencil, cover with a cloth and iron on hot to set the paint.
I didn't have any particularly fabulous pics of the t-shirt in action...this one's a little blurry - but you get the idea? And since lil'pil looks like she has some kindof weird birthmark across her face, or is wearing Hollywood Montrose sunglasses (any Mannequin fans??), i thought i'd post this one to make it clear what she really looked like. That's me in the fabulous aztec jumpsuit...I wish i could wear my hair like that every day. Crimping ROCKS!!!

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