Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Customising Christmas

Well i was looking for 7 tiny little christmas pressies that will fit into the ONE bag that SuperD and i will be packing for our winter wonderland adventure in the mountains of Torino
....i know...ONE bag...i (obviously) have lost my mind completely.

And of course being a GIGANTIC fan of the old customisation they had to be personalised!!

I think these little mini stockings will be just right....although, good luck fitting any presents in them......unless youve asked for diamonds....and lets be honest, who isn't hoping for those at christmas.......or anytime really!

i made some little candy canes to match!!

Also made rudolph and guest for the parentals....complete with little irish shamrock stamp on the "rump" i believe it is called, to remind them of where they came from!

1 comment:

sloan said...

How absolutely adorable!!! I totally love these! A fabulous idea :)