Monday, 1 December 2008

Natural Nativity

So SuperD decided to apply his wood-work-loving skills to carving me a Nativity Scene to celebrate our first Christmas together...the results were a surprise to me (& him!!!)

I mean, check out the carved baby Jesus, the little arms and little bent legs...SuperD even detailed the shoulder blades and base of the back and everything.......yeeesh!!! Sorry about the terrible lighting and shadows but he didnt install any mini power points when building the stable (soooo short sighted!!...get with the times D!!)

Check out the baby....maaaan!!!

Hahahaha....i love this cow, it is so deliciously chubby!! It always makes me laugh! It has detailed hooves and ears - one up, one down.

But the highest point for me has to be the horse (originally supposed to be a donkey, but became far too noble Seriously....check out the little ankle bones and everything, it has even got little hollowed-out horse shoes on!!!

SuperD will be doing much more wood carving from now on....especially since i let him buy a full wood working station...a.k.a. giant metal vice frame thing which pumps sawdust all over my kitchen. (NICE!....but definitely worth it)

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