Saturday, 6 February 2010

snuggly squirrel mittens!

Cold days!!!! New gloves, new gloves, NEW GLOVES!! These are cosy-tastic!!!Find the pattern on ravelry. Warning: the needle/wool combo is so fine that it might drive you mad, but'll be delighted (and warm-handed) if you finish them!!


Christy said...

You made these? They are so cute and so cozy-tastic!

lyds said...

Lookin' good & snuggly! Don't forget to tie them on to a piece of elastic & threaded through your sleeves for ready access. And you won't lose them or get them pinched like our lost property in school!!! xox

Gil said...

Love the stripey thumbs! These look so vintage it's great - shame that spring is coming! oh well :P maybe by next year you'll make new ones and they will be conveniently discarded in my closet! :D ???