Friday, 19 February 2010

starry starry night lights

After making the valentine candles...i got bitten by the glass painting bug! It's so easy! Although less easy to keep the block colours even....when you're using a paint tends to streak.These low jars fit one of the large ikea tealights but it's actually nicer to put a smaller one in as the light then shines out of the sides and the colour can be seen better.
I did some plainer ones too.
I'm seeing all of these gathered in the middle of my picnic table at the first BBQ of the year....come on good weather!!!!


lyds said...

Come on hols, I've some to use too! xox

Gil said...

Haha - you know your market; Ikea all the way!!

These are great, I've no idea how you kept them so even...

bellisima! (or something)

hehe xx