Sunday, 14 February 2010

romantic re-using!

o man, what a cheater...imagine backdating posts!! Well i was kindof busy on valentine's day and, as you can imagine, wasn't really making time for blog posting!!

Now, when on holiday one thing i look forward to is buying those little desserts in the supermarket, like creme brulee (i faint with delight) and creme caramel etc. They're gorgeous.....and the irish versions never taste the same. But the thing get them in glass jars which are such a horrible waste to throw we don't!

I found some glass paint, from an ancient craft adventure, that was still good (yay!) and rustled up some fun valentine's candle holders for our valentine dinner table.

These were incredibly easy and if you make a mistake, it picks off with no problem. I made loads and gave them out as presents but I'm thinking it would be really sweet to personalise them for extra "mush"-value!!

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lyds said...

Hey! ..... if you were giving them out why didn't I get one? I'm the original Love bug valentino!! xox