Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gnome couture

when i saw the "paint-your-own-gnome" kits on the shelf it took quite a bit of pleading with SuperD before he finally caved in and let me buy seems that he "hates those creepy things"...i mean, come ON...who hates gnomes?? they're so happy!! what a freak!!Check out her beautiful kitchy outfit! (Yes i recognise that i said "her" and it does have some impressive quantity of facial hair...but i think LoTR films already explained that, did they not?)...i mean from behind....this is definitely female!!
Check out the golden highlights in that flowing blonde beard...she is a gnome bombshell!!!
What a silhouette...she is one hot gnome...i'm gonna have to keep an eye on tacky plastic gnome-friends please...and hold out for one with his own pond to fish're worth it!! lol

1 comment:

Gil said...

hahaha! Fabulous!
Although it's definitely a boy, I like the get up but ... well you'd need to give him/her eyelashes if it was a girl!?

Mum says (and I love the idea) it's a boy gnome in jonny pyjamas! hahaha

Gorgeous job in general, it was worth the deep meditation on how to paint her/him!
hehe xxx